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Performance like you've never known

Driving enjoyment is essential to Mazda. It’s in our DNA, and every car we make. But we’re also committed to reducing environmental impact as much as possible. It’s a tough challenge, but it led us to a breakthrough – SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY.

Wherever more efficiency could be unlocked, we’ve done so. Engines create more power, yet use less fuel. Transmissions have less friction and are smaller and lighter. High tensile steel dramatically cuts body weight to improve handling and economy, but safety isn't compromised. Closely optimised aerodynamics boost efficiency and performance.

SKYACTIV-G petrol engine

The SKYACTIV-G petrol engine features direct injection with a precise multi-hole system to minimise fuel use. Its unique piston design promotes more effective fuel combustion – boosting power and lowering emissions.


We wanted a manual transmission that gives you the light, crisp shifting feel of a sports car.

Simplified internal design, plus close attention to the shift mechanisms, has delivered this responsive and sporting feel. The SKYACTIV-MT is much more compact and much lighter than comparable manual transmissions. Match this with a significant reduction in friction and fuel economy is much improved.


We’ve combined the best attributes of conventional automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions.

This means you get maximum driving fun and high efficiency. The SKYACTIV-Drive transmission couples directly with the engine over a far wider range than other automatics. This delivers a significant improvement in fuel economy and a more direct, manual transmission-like power delivery and driving feel.

SKYACTIV Body and Chassis

Come to a stop and i-stop automatically turns off your engine to save fuel. The engine is perfectly positioned to leap back into action, so restarting takes much less time than conventional systems.

With i-ELOOP, harvested energy is used to power on-board electrical systems such as climate control, audio, headlamps and even engine management. This cuts fuel use by as much as 10% in everyday traffic conditions (coupled with i-stop).

The use of a high-capacity double-layer capacitor allows much more efficient charging and discharging than conventional battery-based systems – full charge can be reached in under 10 seconds.